ADH Sportfoto covers many topsport events. Photos are uploaded during the sporting event and directly after the matches. The photos can be downloaded immediately. You must be logged in to download. No login yet? Why don_qt_t you go ahead and create one? Registering for Hi-Res download is only intended for media, sports clubs, or sports associations with an editorial purpose and professional athletes. Please read the FQA at _qt_Site Info_qt_.


Registering as a new user is very easy. You fill in the registration form once. After acceptance, you get direct access to our photo archive with your own created username and password. With this, you can quickly download the photos you want. Before using the photos, we recommend reading the FQA at _qt_Site Info_qt_.


1. Individuals: Private individuals can download a photo for their own (private) use. The download is handled via the _qt_Shopping card_qt_. You can pay with iDEAL or PayPal.
2. Media: Media download Rights Managed (RM) photos for editorial purposes only. Choose from Hi-Res or Web-Res.
There are three ways to download images:
a) By requesting a quote (not the fastest option);
b) With the _qt_Pricing Calculator_qt_*. This option is for an incidental download;
c) Direct and unlimited with an Instant Download.


An Instant Download is useful for media that want to download quickly and easily. With this account, you can immediately and unlimited download after your login. You can also see in your account what and how much you have downloaded. You will receive an invoice once a month. The rates are much more favorable with this option and are agreed upon in advance when entering into this account.


After your login, you can save photos in your lightbox at any time and make a final choice to download them at a later time.

Do you want us to carry out an assignment? That is possible, we are ready for it. These photos are then exclusively granted to you.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will gladly assist you.



With the Pricing Calculator, the tariff for the license is determined by specifying the type of use, format, circulation, duration, and region.
Media: All media (journalistic organizations) like print and/or digital media, television, film/video, press services, sports associations/federations.