What am I allowed with a photo?


It has often been thought that if you buy a photo or a digital image, that you can do with it what you want, even if you are in the photo. After all, you _qt_bought_qt_ the photo... That idea is incorrect.


Rules and laws (copyright) apply to photos. This means that the creator has the copyright, even if you have _qt_purchased_qt_ the photo. Actually, you do not buy the photo but you buy a license to may use the image under certain conditions.


That is also the case if you want to buy a photo from ADH Sportfoto. You buy a license for the use of a photo. This license regulates where you can use the photo, for how long and in which context. You buy the license with the purchase of a single photo at ADH Sportfoto.


You can use a sports photo in a sports context. Use of a sports photo in a context where it is obviously not intended is not allowed. You may not use a sports photo in a commercial context unless you have explicit permission from ADH Sportfoto. Also, the editing of the photo is not allowed without permission.


If the photo shows people who earn money because of their popularity, such as famous top athletes and artists, portrait rights can apply. When you use the image, in another way than editorial, the permission of this person is also required. You are responsible by yourself for obtaining permission from the person or persons portrayed if the portrait right applies. Realize that the context can be of great importance to the portrayed person(s).


The license you purchase for a Rights Managed (RM) photo is for one-time use only, unless you have made other agreements with ADH Sportfoto. You may not save the image in any way after publication and must be _delete_d. If you want to use the photo again, you have to purchase a new license. You can do this by downloading the photo again. 

General Terms and Conditions (T&C) apply to ADH Sportphoto.